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Melbourne Air Conditioning Services Inc. carries factory Comfortmaker and Goodman a/c products that offer terrific warranties and are durable and reliable. Our trained technicians have over 20 years experience and will install all new systems to factory specifications.

Stop! Before you call for service check these often overlooked points.

There are times when your air conditioning systems just dont work or it is not working the way you think it should. So here are a few tips that you can check before you call for service.

1. Some of the newer digital thermostat's are run off of batteries,check to make sure the batteries are working, low batteries can cause the A/C system to fail and not operate correctly, most thermostat's will show a low battery icon on the screen.

2.A simple check but often over looked is the filters. Check filters once a month. dirty filters can cause low air flow that will reduce the A/C system capacity and may cause the evaporator to freeze.

3.Check the breakers, a tripped breaker may have happened during a power bump and a reset of the breaker may solve the problem. If you reset breaker and it trips as soon as you reset it STOP and call for service.

The steps I have suggested may help prevent the need to call a service man but only perform the above steps if you are comfortable with doing them.

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